About Sapphiro

Sapphiro is a new age, digital Business Payments and Mobility Solutions Provider for Banks and other Fintech organisations with a solutions bouquet ranging from platforms to services focussed towards B2B2C. We are a technology enabler with clutter-cutting USPs oriented towards an end-to-end payments ecosystem for large corporate houses as well as driving financial inclusion across geographies.

Headquartered in Kolkata with a presence spread across Delhi and Mumbai, it is a bootstrapped startup catering to B2B2C and B2B segments with its homegrown platforms and services.

About MSME Len Den

A B2B2C Payments platform which serves as a Business Payments Service Provider (BPSP) helping MSMEs and banks in their respective domains with a ready-to-use platform with built-in security, compliance and digital ergonomics. All business-related payments can have a single-point payment ecosystem with thoughtful considerations to finance and audits operations in an organisation.